Toyzone Baby Panda Magic Car (Bulk Pack of 4) (Rs 1649x4=6596)

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6,596.00 ₹ 6,596.00 ₹ 6596.0 res.currency(21,)

6,596.00 ₹

SKU : 50964
Product Hightlights
o High quality and safe Rideon toy for the kids.
o No gears, batteries or pedals. Just steer and you go.
o Music and light features for fun drive.
o 4 units are packed in one outer brown carton

Age: 3+ Years


Magical Car With Magical Movements 360' Revolution, High Speed, Lightning Functions, Different Musical Sounds, Baby panda Character

Bulk pack of 4 units in a brown outer carton.

It requires no batteries, pedals, gears or electrical parts to propel the vehicle. This Ride-on toy moves very smoothly and gives utmost pleasure and riding experience to the kids


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